Vans Tyson Peterson Striped OTW Tee




Many first met Tyson Peterson when he appeared in The Skateboard Mag magazine’s print article and “Next Wave” video.

Tyson, with his now unmistakable dreadlocks, was then impressed by his ability to mix tech tricks and gnar with a fluidity of impeccable execution and a most placid presence.

In the Spinning Away (2018) web edition of Vans, Tyson showed his skill and creativity, proving that he is not only capable of appearing, but also of setting any stage.

The Tyson Peterson OTW Striped Tee, with an interior mesh print that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeps you comfortable and dry.

It also incorporates a strong yarn that provides durability and prevents shrinkage.

Featuring a ribbed rib collar and reinforced shoulder seams, special Vans embellishments, a Checkerboard print hanging loop and the new Tyson design, the “Off The Wall” T-shirt will be your ultimate Tyson design.