Al Carrer x Alex Castañeda




This is the first Al Carrer guest board, with alex castañeda, Alex Castañeda.
Skateboarder, artist, father, and chef born in La Palma in 1975, Alex is a legend since the ’90s, with many different inspirations, and we made a Mixtape edit for the launch of his board.

Check > Al Carrer x Alex Castaneda – Remix Video

The Al Carrer Alex Castañeda guest board is made with a Canadense maple, has epoxy glue, and a medium concave.

Disponible in all sizes 7.8″ – 8.0″ – 8.1″ – 8.25″ – 8.3″ – 8.5″. Free Grip Soul Jah.

With assorted colors. (May not be the colour in the product photo)


Al Carrer